About PermaCold Engineering

Over 20 years ago, PermaCold Engineering was founded by two talented industry veterans with the goal of setting a new standard in the industrial refrigeration industry. Steve Jackson and Randy Cieloha believed that precision engineering of refrigeration systems would result in better performance, reduced maintenance, and higher efficiency.

The approach worked, and the company grew, won awards, and attracted some of the best talent in the industry. Today, Steve and Randy lead an innovative company that is known for its exacting standards, strong customer relationships, and efficient engineering solutions.

Experts in Every Facet of Industrial Refrigeration

PermaCold is recognized for its expertise in designing systems for optimum efficiency, dependability and value, and provides our customers with preventative maintenance and repairs, retrofitting services, consulting on efficiency and regulatory compliance, and more.

PermaCold focuses on engineering energy-efficient, environmentally safe systems and is the industry leader in green industrial refrigeration. We are committed to pursuing the latest technologies and embodying our slogan of "Our Planet – Our Responsibility."

Customer Satisfaction Drives Our Success

The PermaCold commitment to quality and the success of our clients is at the heart of our company. And, it's a core value of our valued and talented employees. We believe integrity, teamwork, and building relationships is good business. Our people truly care about each other, our clients, our community, and the environment. Our company and staff support numerous local charities, provide safety training for clients and team members, and contribute to the success of our industry at large by providing continuing education and seminars.