Premium Permacold Lubricants

PC-717 Oil:

PermaCold Engineering's PC-717 lubrication oil is specifically formulated for use in ammonia refrigeration systems. Designed to meet and exceed all OEM specifications such as those seen in Frick #3, Frick #9, FES #1, among others; PC-717 is now the highest quality lubricant for ammonia refrigeration systems. By using a 2 staged hydrocracked process to remove all impurities normally seen in lower quality base stocks, combined with a specific additive package, PC-717 serves as an enhanced version of the oil recommended directly from the compressor manufacturers themselves.

PC-717 is ideally blended to meet our customer's specific operating conditions and technical requirements while providing the highest level of performance and protection possible. Formulated for superior low temperature fluidity, and a flash point of 480 F for added safety, PC-717 will reduce oil carry over and sludge build up correlating to a longer service life. Standing in as an enhanced version of the technology used by most OEM's, PermaCold Engineering's ammonia refrigeration line represents the next generation of 2-stage hydrocracked ammonia refrigeration lubricants. This has been achieved through our comprehensive knowledge of ammonia refrigeration systems and more than two decades of experience manufacturing advanced ammonia refrigeration lubricants.

At PermaCold Engineering we value preserving and enhancing the quality of your product more than anything else. PC-717 reduces oil consumption, and increases savings. This is accomplished by reducing the wear and tear on your compressor with superior lubrication to help cut utility costs and maximize savings. PermaCold Engineering's PC-717 is non-toxic/non-hazardous making it safe to work around. Not only will your compressor experience a longer fluid life, but PC-717 will also help prevent degradation by using system protectants to help prevent rust and corrosion. Less maintenance and repairs translates to maximum uptime and increased savings on parts and service. No more settling for less than exactly what you need, PC-717 extends the life of your compressor and your lubrication with enhanced oxidative stability, helping to reduce oil loss, extend oil life, and increase oil drain intervals. Simply put, PermaCold Engineering's PC-717 is built to last. 

PC-717 Attributes:

PC-717 Benefits :

Fluid Viscosity

The viscosity (measure of a fluid's resistance to flow) of PC-717 was designed to be low enough to flow where needed in a timely matter, but high enough to form and maintain a sufficient cushion between surfaces.

Very Low Volatility

High volatility lubricants tend to vaporize more rapidly, thus making it difficult for oil and ammonia to separate (which in turn increases oil carryover). PC-717 is a 2-staged hydrocracked oil that is designed for low volatility, reducing oil carry over, carbon and sludge build-up.

Ultra Low Solubility

Solubility indicates the maximum amount of lubricant that can be dissolved in ammonia. PC-717's low solubility is specifically designed to reduce make up oil & oil loss, while preserving lubricant viscosity to reduce friction, heat, and wear.

Top-Off Compatibility

PC-717 is compatible with NXT-717 and most Mineral and PAO fluids used with Ammonia Refrigeration. It can be mixed or topped off in any ratio.

Low Pour Point and Highest Flash Point for Added Safety

Standard PC-717 offers low-temperature fluidity & pumpability, helping to prevent slugging and maintain sufficient oil return. PC-717 offers an extremely high flash point (480 F) for added safety.

High Viscosity Index & Thermal Stability

Has excellent cold-temperature fluidity due to its high viscosity index (Resistance to thinning w/ increasing temperature).  PC-717 is designed to maintain stability of molecule compounds at high temperatures w/ excellent thermal stability.

Oxidative Stability

Offers great resistance to oxidation with a fine rate of oxidation stability. Oxidation increases w/ time and is accelerated by high temperatures, water, acids, copper. PC-717's high quality base stocks combined with an additive package designed to avert oxidation.

No adverse effect on Shaft Seals, elastomers, and other internal components

PC-717 works great with seals, and elastomers. Pour base stocks will effect seals and have a higher vaporization. PC-717 uses the highest quality base stocks to combat this issue and even enhance the protection of shaft seals and other parts.


Please ask about our other refrigeration lubricants:


All HFC refrigeration systems require a quality lubricant. PermaCold Engineering's polyester (POE) oil offers unsurpassed performance and superior protection for HFC refrigeration systems. PC-POE utilizes a combination of advanced friction modifiers and anti-wear additives that bond to metal surfaces inside the compressor, creating an extra layer of protection and lubrication that dramatically reduces friction and wear. PC-POE offers exceptional chemical and thermal stability, and a very long service life. The use of PC-POE will result in increased compressor and overall system efficiency, energy savings, and extended compressor life.

  • Excellent carbon and varnish control to help reduce deposits
  • Optimized solubility in HFC and blended refrigerants
  • Exceptional low temperature fluidity
  • Very high viscosity index for better compressor protection at high temperatures
  • High flash and auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Outstanding film strength and anti-wear properties
  • Longer fluid life allowing for extended drain intervals with reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Excellent rust control
  • Non-toxic/non-hazardous

PC-Mineral Oil:

With refrigeration systems using CFC, HCFC and blended refrigerants, PermaCold Engineering's Mineral Oil offers exceptional chemical and thermal stability, and provides a very long service life. PC-MIN is made from premium base stocks and offers optimized solubility in CFC, HCFC, and blended refrigerants.

  • Exceptional coolant properties
  • Excellent Carbon and varnish control to help reduce deposits
  • High flash and auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Outstanding film strength and anti-wear properties
  • Longer fluid life allowing for extended drain intervals with reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Excellent rust control
  • Non-toxic/non-hazardous

*PC-MIN is top off compatible with equivalent fluids, and do not require change outs or time consuming flushing procedures. 


Ammonia refrigeration liquid transfer pumps, which operate cold, require low viscosities and pour points. If either is not low enough, pumpability and/or seal life may be compromised. PermaCold Engineering's PC-LTP is formulated specifically for ammonia liquid transfer pumps. These exceptionally low-viscosity, low-pour-point formulations are optimized for low solubility with ammonia and offer:

  • Superior pumbability and fluidity at extremely low temperatures
  • High viscosity index to provide outstanding protection at low and high temperatures
  • Safer operations due to very high flash points and auto-ignition points, as well as non –toxic/non-hazardous for added safety
  • Excellent seal protection
  • Enhanced protection against rust, corrosion, carbon, and varnish
  • Longer Fluid life allowing for extended drain intervals with reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Meets and exceeds OEM specifications